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Facts about the sub Conscious mind.

Number one.The sub Conscious mind is always on recording. It’s a faint tape recorder.Number two.The sub Conscious focus on now.Number three.It control 95% of our mind and action.Number four.The sub Conscious mind doesn’t know the different between fake and real images, ideas or imaginations.Number five.Ideas or belief stays in the sub Conscious mind until they […]

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The power of the mind

Our mind is classified into two.1. The conscious mind.2. The sub Conscious mind.Today I will discuss on the sub Conscious mind.There’s a sleeping giant in a man known as the sub Conscious mind. Millions of people don’t know power of the sub Conscious mind.Research has proved that 99% of human behavior, the choice they make, […]

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About the CEO of New MAAN Class (, Nnamani Jeremiah Chukwunonso

Nnamani Jeremiah Chukwunonso (CEO, Wealthy Mind Business School & MAAN Production Firm)

Nnamani Jeremiah Chukwunonso (popularly known as MAAN) is a young entrepreneur, a public speaker and a lover of God and humanity. He is the CEO of New MAAN Class (, the CEO of Wealthy Mind Business School and also the CEO of MAAN Production Firm, a production firm notable for the production of soaps and cosmetics. […]

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